BBQ Area

You may choose to dine outdoors in our undercover BBQ area.

Let the kids run and play on the grass while you relax!

The BBQ area has family seating, a stainless steel electric hotplate, sink and cooking utensils...all you need to supply is your cooking ingredients.


Daysy Hill Animals

We have a number of animals here that you are welcome to meet.

We have cheeky chickens that roam our gardens, two very fat sheep Ba and Baa who always like a feed, native Australian fish in our dam, our cat Porsha, happy dogs Reedy and JD who love to lay in the sunshine and some cattle (most of the year but not always in the paddocks).

Of course we are also lucky enough to have many native birds and sometimes a koala will pass through.

Photographers Playground

If you are a keen photographer and want some downtime to practice your craft we have a great spot right here.

Of course you will have taken some amazing shots along the coast but how about taking the time and wandering our gardens.

We have beautiful plants and flowers, birdlife, animals and the dark night sky away from city lights.